Large Refillable Spray Hand Sanitizer<br> 6 oz Spray Bottle Pure Hands Don't Drink Sanitizer Sanitizer Dont Drink Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Pure Hands

Large Refillable Spray Hand Sanitizer
6 oz

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Environmentally-friendly Pure Hands Refillable Large 6oz Brushed Aluminum Spray Hand Sanitizer

Enjoy healthy, happy, nourished hands with Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer Spray.

Our unique 75% alcohol formula gently nourishes and sanitizes hands killing 99.9% of germs, virus, and bacteria, while delivering long-lasting moisture to help relieve and protect against dry skin.

Available with or without Aloe, it leaves your freshly sanitized hands feeling soft, smooth, and clean with no sticky residue left behind.  

Give your healthy hands a moisturized feeling while preventing the spread of harmful virus and bacteria.

Spray liberally onto hands, and rub in.  

Don't Drink Sanitizer